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About Me

About Me

I’m a strategic thinker who sees business opportunities & creative solutions where others see challenges. I have a passion for innovative ideas and a unique, knowledgeable background in many areas of digital advertising.

My career has moved from publisher to agency to ad tech where I am now consulting in all aspects. I’ve worked on many product categories and have a keen interest in the advertising industry, participating in industry events with passion!



  • Agency:
    • digital campaign planning including social media
    • trafficking HTML5 creative (Sizmek, Doubleclick, Mediaplex) – inc. Ad builder with Sizmek & Rich Media / Studio with DCM
    • campaign post/live analysis and reporting with attribution, verification & viewability
    • dynamic creative setup and ongoing management
    • technical implementation
    • conversion tag management and implementation with GTM or Versatag
    • social media content & planning
    • answering briefs / pitching
    • audience consumption research with Roy Morgan
    • analysing data, creating and presenting reports
  • Ad:Tech:
    • digital planning from a SaaS perspective
    • SaaS presentations
    • negotiating local and international contracts
    • business development / end-to-end sales funnel
    • technical implementation
    • Understanding of DSP, SSP, Exhanges, DMP’s, Ad Servers
    • servicing clients (agency/publisher/direct) – f2f and digitally
    • dynamic creative setup and ongoing management
    • creative production management
    • data collection and implementation
    • technical SaaS support

For all brands I have worked on in an agency capacity please refer to the briefcase icon on

2017 present

James | Hammon & Co

Digital Media Consultant


I joined J&H on contract basis set up a new digital display department inc. programmatic within J&H. Pitching for expanded business into this area has so far been successful. With J&H being approached to help white label performance display within other organisations.


Key Tasks

  • Internal and External consulting on
    • programmatic
    • ad:tech
    • digital media solutions
    • media buying/planning
  • Business development
2016 2017


Programmatic Data Sales Manager



I took a role within a series A funded Australian data start-up called Eyeota. This was very interesting as I had unfiltered access to some of Australia’s largest data sets. There were a lot of rapid changes in the start-up and my role was no longer needed in Melbourne.


Key Tasks


  • Focusing on Amnet Syd and Melb
  • Updating Amnet on latest data sets
  • Working with all major DSP’s
  • Promoting new partnerships such as (Core Logic, Helix, Mobilewalla, Experian etc)
  • Answering programmatic briefs for audiences
  • Relationship building accross Melb / Syd
  • Building Salesforce from scratch
2015 2016


Sales Manager




Hands on and approachable Sales Manager position for Victoria with a Client Service Manager and Creative AM working along side me. Originally this role for the first 10 months was in a technical support capacity with strategic advice and client education.


Key Tasks

  • Managing key clients (agency, advertiser and publishers) in the Melbourne & VIC area. Key clients included:
    • Group M (MEC, Mediacom, Mindshare, Maxus) as well as Xaxis
    • Carat (inc. amnet)
    • Ikon
    • Coles
    • Nunn Media
    • Sphere Agency
    • UM (inc. Cadreon)
    • Pandora
    • and many more smaller agencies
  • Client work included
    • Upselling (Verification, Viewability, Attribution, DMP)
    • Cross selling (specifically our DSP and Performance services)
    • Project Management – especially for Dynamic Creative and Data Collection/Audience management projects
    • Contract Negotiation
    • Education & Training (Verification, Viewability, Attribution, Dynamic Creative etc)
    • New product launches (included a complete revamp of our core tool)
    • Promoting Offers and Follow-up on EDM’s
    • Technical Support
    • Answering Briefs ranging from Creative production to Attribution solutions
  • Other core tasks:
    • BDM Work
    • Working to Core as well as other product Targets
    • Reporting Internally
    • Updating Salesforce
    • Researching Industry
    • Pitching

Key Achievements

  • Beating sales results YoY for Q1’15/Q1’16 and Q2’15/Q2’16 by 20-30%
  • Successfully mitigating any disaster in the rapid HTML5 switch through education in both Media and Creative agencies and offering help when appropriate
  • Locking in year long contracts with 2 mid level media agencies
2014 2015

phd Media

Account Executive



This role was from a promotion to account executive. I managed a coordinator with a digital AM as head of the team.


Key Tasks

  • a coordinator to train, manage and mentor
  • frequent client communication with MYOB, Priceline, Betfair, Bosch, Irwin Tools, Infiniti Cars, Haymes Paints, Siemens, PaperMate, Rubbermaid, Sussan, Jenny Craig
  • setup of digital display activity running over social (fb, twitter, Instagram), trading desk, network deals, video (pre-roll, in page, on-demand, TrueView), complex home page takeovers, digital radio (Pandora, Spotify) and custom units
  • planning and analyzing performance campaigns with Accuen
  • negotiating deals and contracts for digital campaigns with publishers
  • charity campaign planning and buying work for Make a Wish foundation
  • complex reporting, setup and analysed by me
  • responding to digital briefs and presenting this response to clients
  • planning digital strategies to contribute to the strategy teams overall comms strategy
  • creating quarterly business reviews for clients
  • presenting bi-weekly analysis f2f with key cleints
  • meeting with publishers and researching avenues for incremental spend
  • entering timesheets and tracking work hours

Key Achievements

  • During my tenure retained all digital departments of clients as they were all happy
  • Volunteer work with Youth Projects by helping focus and narrow down their target audience for donations with site traffic analysis
  • Uplift in sales YoY by 20% for the Betfair account before the sale to Crownbet
  • As team leader, my team won the pitch off contest for the Priceline client in our OMG pitch off contest which involved teams from all OMG agencies
  • As team leader, my team won PHD pitch off for a blind brief provided by Daniel Isaac. This involved the whole of PHD Melbourne split into teams
  • Successfully launched a new app for Infiniti as part of a bigger campaign on ‘exclusivity’ which is still in use today
2013 2014

phd Media

Digital Account Coordinator



Coordinating digital accounts and every facet that supports this, by working in a small team juggling lots of clients for big results including tasks such as:


Key Tasks

  • advising clients on digital strategies
  • coordinating creative build to spec
  • reporting
  • presenting results with line manager
  • balancing finances through internal system
  • booking campaigns and managing IO’s
  • developing insights and recommendations

Key Achievements

  • creating automated reports with macro’s that other teams can use
  • new digital team for PHD Melb so helped develop processes that are still in use
2013 2013

Niche Media

Advertising Sales Executive

Niche Logo


Building Advertising revenue across Macworld Australia Magazine,,, Desktop Magazine &


• Managing advertising space per insertion and forward booking
• Hunt and identify, new business by researching categories
through online and print directories, exhibitor lists, and search
engines, competitor publications, press releases, trade events, twitter and RSS
• B2B web-based and in-person sales meetings
• Managing the sale from beginning, through to contractual execution by developing and negotiating contracts

2013 2013





At the start of 2013, I interned at McCann Melbourne in the account services department. Clients included Forty Winks and Spec Savers.

2012 2012


Paid Internship



As the first recipient of an OMG scholarship. I received 2 months of paid work in a junior position with Accuen in Sydney.


I worked closely with the Accuen Trading Desk for my internship, mostly with social performance banners. Reports, social media optimization, problem solving, logo animation, presentations, meetings and a wide variety of duties were covered to harness my skills.


2013 2014


Doubleclick Certification



In 2013 I completed a Doubleclick for Advertisers certification and in 2014 I completed the updated Doubleclick Campaign Manager certification.

2012 2012

International Advertising Association

IAA Certifcation


I received an International Advertising Association certification at the end of 2012 for undertaking training through a recognised program.

2010 2012

Charles Sturt University

Bachelor of Communication (Advertising)



Through credits from my previous degree in Animation and VFX, I received a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Advertising within 2 years of study.

2008 2010

Charles Sturt University

Bachelor of Arts (Animation & VFX)



My first degree included one year of TV production in 2007. I switched to a more specialised degree in Animation and VFX and studied this from 2008-2010.

2004 2005


Certificate II I.T.



During high-school i received a Certificate II in IT from TAFE NSW. This was completed during normal coursework while at high-school.


John James

♠ Co-Founder – James | Hammon & Co

♣ 0449 881 795


“Keaton joined J|H&Co in early 2017 as a digital expert on contract. He has brought in more knowledge about programmatic and display than we could ever have hoped for.”

Luke Donkin

♠ Commerical Director APAC – Sizmek

♣ 0434 254 490


 “Keaton worked with me as the Sales Manager looking after the Victorian market. In this autonomous role, Keaton implemented strategy that drove prolonged growth in this market by ensuring retention of existing clientele, whilst sourcing new business.”

Margaret Minero

♠ Account Director – OMD

♣ 0411 707 534


“I managed Keaton for 2 years whilst he looked after 12 clients – best executive I have ever had, very driven, passionate, technical and can communicate clearly. He understands all aspects of digital advertising – critical for campaign success.”

Dylan Robinson

♠ PBU Director APAC – Sizmek

♣ 0414 544 995


“Keaton represented the melbourne market, selling Sizmek PBU alongside platform ” 

Schalk Van Der Sant

♠ Head of Digital – PHD Media

♣ 0406 661 399


“Keaton worked under me in a digital role for 3 years while I was a digital director at PHD Media. He was a shining star at PHD and made a big different to his team.”


Melbourne, Vic, Australia

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